The Lord Wants Me To Be a Blessing To a Church… FOR FREE?! [ARTICLE – Eustace Daniyan]

When I left Oklahoma City after spending 6 years there, I felt like Jacob leaving Padan Aram. I arrived in Oklahoma City only with a collection of Air Jordans and some furniture from my apartment in New York, but I left there with a wife (one wife) and a couple of kids.

In my naivete, I thought that God would acquiesce to my itinerary. My agenda was to graduate Bible college in 4 years, go back to my home church (with a full financial compensation, of course), and turn Long Island upside down. I couldn’t have been more disillusioned.

Although I did graduate in 4 years, the grandiose fantasies and intrinsic neon lights showcasing “all that I learned in Bible college” gave way to reality. This reality didn’t include voicemails or an email account inundated with ministry opportunities from pastors, but rather a reality that would dash my meticulously crafted schedule of events. Before I jettisoned into a ministry position 100 miles an hour in reckless zeal, I needed spiritual fine-tuning. There were some lessons that God wanted to teach me, with a primary one being, “Who says you need to have an official ministry position just because you graduated from Bible college?” My response to this was, “Lord, you don’t understand, I’m called to be a pastor.” When I finally yielded to the specific calling to serve at a church without a position, that is when opportunities for ministry positions began to emerge.

Now my family and I are members of Liberty Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (with Pastor Burton Gates), attempting to learn as much as we can from the pastor and congregation. No staff position, no benefits, no 401K retirement portfolio, no golden nameplate on a door, and, most importantly, no paycheck. And it’s wonderful because this is exactly where we should be!

I believe that my role as a church member is as vital to the well-being of Liberty Baptist Church as the role of an on-staff youth or assistant pastor. I am confident that the Lord will use this “free” experience and the investment being made to pay exponential dividends down the road.

In fact, I’m honored to be a blessing to a church for free.

(Editor’s Note: Churches that financially support Heartland Baptist Bible College make it possible for all students to graduate free from student loan debt, enabling many stories like Eustace’s.  We praise the Lord for that.)

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  1. It was refreshing to read your article, Bro. Eustace. Sometimes our ideals and God’s reality don’t agree, but to be in the center of His will is exciting! May God bless your future endeavors.

  2. Love the article! There are numerous churches and pastors that can be blessed and encouraged by HBBC grads with this attitude.

  3. Praise the Lord, Bro. Eustace! Too many young people try to decipher some logical plan, but the best and ALWAYS the best place to be is right where God wants you! Awesome.

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