“I’m So Busy!” Sound Familiar? [ARTICLE – Jamie Rench]

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By Jamie Rench

Finally, all your ducks are in a row…or so you think.  The house is picked up, supper is in the oven, and all your outfits are ready for church tomorrow.  You sit down for a nice cup of coffee.  First sip, and your phone rings.  Your friend is crying on the other end and needs some help through a really difficult situation.  Your two older children enter the room fighting loudly about something unimportant. The baby wakes up and starts screaming, and when you go to get her, you spill coffee all over the rug.  You get a text from your husband saying he’s coming home later than expected…and by the way, the new couple in church is coming for lunch tomorrow afternoon.  Amidst all the busyness, you totally forget the oven, and the supper choices are now a black brick or Little Caesar’s Hot ‘n Ready.

Chaos has a way of coming upon us suddenly and without warning, and sometimes there are just busy seasons of life when we feel like our heads are spinning and we are running around somewhat mindlessly doing whatever needs to be done.

I think we have all been there.  I think we’ve all had busy days, weeks and even hectic years where we are just trying to keep up with everything without letting any of the juggling balls drop.  In those times, there are many responses we can have:  emotional, angry, grumpy, frazzled, snappy, weepy, joyful.  “Wait. Did you just say joyful? Oh great…hear it comes.  She’s about to tell me how she never has had any of those other responses and make me feel like a low-life and a failure for crying last week after a long, hard day of trying to keep it all together.”  That’s far from the truth.

All too often I find myself living out the other responses much more naturally and quickly than joy.  I like to have it all together and be able to organize and even have control over my circumstances.  I thrive and find joy in organization and planning—a little too much, probably.  When I know a busy time is around the bend, I prepare and think ahead, trying to be ready for whatever might come. Just when I think I’m ready, I’m not.  I fail. I mess up. Something totally unexpected happens, even sometimes something really bad that rocks my world a little bit.  How could I prepare for that?  How can I have joy through this?

You know what many people suggest for getting through the craziness and for finding joy?  I see articles constantly on Pinterest, Facebook, magazine covers and even the news feed on Yahoo Mail. It’s everywhere. “Me Time.”  Everyone is telling me to take a long bath, go to the gym, paint my nails, enjoy my favorite dessert, have a girls’ night, etc., etc., etc.  Please don’t stop reading here!  I’m all about taking time away and finding those quiet moments to take a long shower or get a pedicure.  I love some solo shopping time or a Starbucks trip with friends, but I want us to remember that these are not the places to find joy in life.

When we feel like we’re drowning in the sea of busyness and our house looks like an atomic bomb landed on it (okay, slight exaggeration), let’s not make “Me Time” the answer to the joylessness, grumpiness and anger.  What we need then and always is “God Time.”  He says that our connection to Him is the key to full, complete joy (John 15:11).  We cannot cut our Power Source out of the equation and expect that we can do it all on our own.  Just as a branch receives everything from the vine, we must rely on Christ to receive everything from Him.  We must abide in Christ (John 15:4-11).

How do we abide in Him?  Read His Word.  Pray. Think on Him throughout the day. Make time with Him a daily priority.  We make time for what is important to us.

The answer to busyness is not, “Run for the hills! Get away from it all. In fact, I’ll just be a hermit and forget that my to-do list even exists” (although that can sound tempting at times).  The answer is that we need to daily and constantly be connected to our Power Source.

Ladies, we don’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but much in this world can be hugely impacted by our influence.  Our spirits, whether godly or self-reliant, whether joyful or grumpy, will either influence others for the Lord or make them wish they were in the corner of a housetop somewhere.

We cannot control our circumstances, no matter how much we think we can, but we can allow the power of God to work through us to bring glory to His name, even in incredibly difficult circumstances.  Let’s pray for each other. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s connect to the Power Source and ask God to give us His joy and to use us in any way possible to bring eternal glory to Him.

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  1. The Lord knows I needed to read this article today! Super busy! It was a real blessing and encouragement to me:) Thanks

  2. Thank you for the reminder! This is ever so applicable- especially overseas on the mission field when you are tempted to feel like the ministry depends solely on you when in truth, you depend solely on Him! I needed this read today, even as I sit on the other side of the world. God’s Word is not limited by geography.

  3. Thank you for the reminder I don’t have to have to it all together all the time….I needed to be reminded of that today! This article was a blessing to me!

  4. No doubt a good article, but I’m too busy to read it right now!
    Love, Dad R.

  5. The older I get, the more I see the influence I have had on the lives of those around me being played out. What a great reminder that our attitudes and walk with the Lord are influencing those around us. We may not see it in the business we call today,but rather in the stretch we call tomorrow. Thanks know you for such sweet encouragement to stay close to the power of our relationship with God.

  6. Thank you! It so encouraging to know I’m not the only one facing the busyness of life! It’s true what you say about joy! Thank you for the encouragement!

  7. What a great reminder!

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