God’s Word – Sufficient for What Ails Us [ARTICLE – Jamie Jett]

At times the ministry can be very daunting–even overwhelming.  As a pastor for almost 20 years, there were occasions that I felt completely clueless as to what I needed to do.  Usually (not always) those clueless times would come when confronted with people’s problems of living.  Failing marriages, life-dominating sins, teen pregnancies, tragic deaths, and unhealthy life choices are only a part of the list that could go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong!  I believed God could help each and every situation, but often I would ask myself, “Where do I start?” when a family, heartsick with grief over their four-year-old who died in a house fire, needed comfort, help, and hope.

I finally realized that the prescription is this.  The only place we can begin is where we should always begin–God’s Word.  After all, we preach and teach the sufficiency of Scripture for salvation; should we not sound out the Holy Book’s sufficiency when it comes to all problems in life?

In his book titled simply, “Sufficiency,” Heath Lambert gives some wonderful statements regarding how totally sufficient God’s Word is in dealing with problems we may encounter in biblical counseling.  “Today, many people affirm the inerrancy and authority of Scripture in matters of faith and practice, but do not affirm the sufficiency of Scripture for understanding and resolving the spiritual (non-physical) problems of man.  They believe that we need the insight of psychology to understand and help people…they believe that God did not design the Bible for this purpose, and consequently, we must rely on extra-biblical psychological theories and insights.”  Much of the realm for that kind of thinking is due to the fact that we Bible-believing Christians have allowed psychology to define problems of living.

For example, depression and other “disorders” are common labels given to people by the secular psychological world.  Does the Bible address such things, and if so, does it have answers for those who have such a diagnosis?  Depression is something referred to in the Bible as “sitting in darkness” and “the spirit of heaviness.”  Depression is something we may all experience, but that doesn’t mean we have a mental illness that needs prescription medication to bring us back to right thinking and living.  For the unsaved person, the answer is given in Luke 1:78-79, “..the dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness…”  Jesus came to save the lost and accepting Him as personal Saviour cures the depression.  In Psalm 107, the Bible directs the saved person struggling with depression to “put off” what is wrong in our thinking and choices.  To cry unto the Lord, to confess any sin God reveals, to ask His forgiveness (and others forgiveness, if needed) and choose to turn away from it.   Then the Bible prescription to ‘put on’ is given also in Psalm 119:28, “My soul melteth for heaviness: strengthen thou me according unto thy word.”  The help is found in filling our mind with God’s Word, through reading the Bible, attending church regularly and choosing to fall in love with, and trust, God the Great Physician!  Spiritual accountability and homework can be helpful to someone on this journey of healing.

We can stand confident that God’s Word will guide.  Peter, in his second epistle, helps and encourages us with this wonderful verse, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” (2 Peter 1:3) Everything everyone needs for this life as a person on God’s earth, and to live the godly Christian life, comes through Jesus Christ and His sufficient book.  It provides what we need for spiritual and emotional health and hope.

The world doesn’t have the right answers because they don’t even know what the questions are.  God’s Word is sufficient and perfectly suited for what ails us!!

Bro. Jamie Jett was saved at age 9 and called to preach at age 10.  He married Vickie McClure August 4, 1973, while they were both students at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO.  They have three children, Jason, Joshua, and Rachelle, all of whom are faithfully serving the Lord.  They also have seven grandchildren

His education includes Baptist Bible College (Th.G), Springfield, MO, Bethany Theological Seminary, Dothan, AL (B.A.; Th.M), and Biblical Counselor’s Seminary in Oklahoma City, OK (M. Bib. Counseling. and Ph.D., Biblical Counseling)

His ministry experience includes serving as associate pastor in two churches and twenty years as a pastor in Texas and Wyoming.  In January 1998 they joined the staff at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College and made the move to Oklahoma City in June of 1998.  He served fourteen years as the Dean of Students and transitioned from that position in May of 2012.  He is currently serving as full-time faculty.

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  1. Great article on the sufficiency of Scripture, Bro. Jett! In the Bible alone, God has given humankind all things that are necessary for the proper understanding of who God is, who we are, how God has acted in the past, and what God expects from us. The answers to the basic problems that humanity faces, such as identity, purpose, and destiny, can be found in the pages of God’s inspired Word. Thanks for this reminder!!

  2. Thank you for this article, Bro. Jett. I am coming into contact with more and more people who are taking medicine for this mental disorder or that mental disorder. I just want to shout out that they don’t need meds; they need God’s Word! Such a great truth! Thanks again!

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