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Bible Certificate Program [VIDEO – HBBC]

The following testimony video describes Heartland’s one-year Bible Certificate Program.  Students who may not feel a call to vocational ministry but would like a foundation in Bible before pursuing other careers have found this program to be especially beneficial.

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Southwest Baptist Church – “Let All the People Praise Thee” [GIBF Meeting Videos]

The September 2017 Global Independent Baptist Fellowship Meeting was hosted by Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Based upon the conference theme, “Let All The People Praise Thee,” the church produced the following videos for the meetings, which emphasize the importance of prayer, people, and praise in the accomplishment of God’s work. Prayer   People   Praise  

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Alumni Days Promo Video [VIDEO]

  Alumni Homecoming Week is a highlight of the year for all students, staff, and alumni who are blessed to be a part of it. As always, the preaching of God’s Word is paramount, but being on campus with staff and faculty, catching up with students, and rekindling friendships from the past are a major part of the experience. Everyone is invited to attend Alumni Homecoming Week, October 9-12, 2017! Enjoy this short highlight video sharing all the details…

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The Magnificent Mix of Marriage and Ministry [MRI VIDEO – Jason Gaddis]

Pastor Jason Gaddis taught a session at the 2017 Ministry Refresher Institute (MRI) titled, “The Magnificent Mix of Marriage and Ministry.” With Pastor Gaddis’ classic blend of humor, biblical philosophy, and practicality, this session video is sure to encourage you as you strive for balance in the myriad of responsibilities you hold as a ministry leader.    

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How Will Heartland Prepare Me for Service in CHRISTIAN EDUCATION? [VIDEO]

The following video was taken from Heartland’s website: Practical instruction from experienced educators is the foundation of Heartland Baptist Bible College’s education programs. Students can specialize in elementary education, secondary education, or church education—while still being able to take Bible courses and other ministry preparation electives. We’re committed to helping you be ready to teach others for God’s glory.

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Heartland Music Major [VIDEO]

The following wording is from Heartland’s new Church Music Page (see below for video): Preparing Students for Music Ministry Churches need men and ladies who are passionate about godly music and who desire to serve in music ministry. At Heartland Baptist Bible College, we desire to prepare students to meet this need by imparting to them the fundamentals of music and the skills to implement godly music in a local church. We believe the Word of God is wholly adequate for shaping and governing every aspect of ministry – including music ministry. The same Bible truths that govern the believer’s daily life are more than sufficient to guide music ministry to the full satisfaction of a holy God; we must simply apply these truths to music ministry.  Therefore, music students receive training in both music and Bible, and classes in music consistently incorporate biblical principles. The music program at Heartland Baptist

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Keeping Heart In Ministry [MRI VIDEO – Lynn Schuyler]

It is easy to lose heart in ministry. The stuff of life sometimes crowds out the most important aspects of our lives, and ministry leaders need the refreshing reminder to keep the right heart in ministry–through good and bad times. Bro. Lynn Schuyler co-hosted the brand new Youth Ministry Track at the 2017 Ministry Refresher Institute, teaching an encouraging session from his two decades of ministry experience.

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Heartland Missions Major [VIDEO]

The following wording is from Heartland’s new Missions Page (see below for video): How can I prepare to be a missionary at Heartland? The second part of Heartland Baptist Bible College’s two-part theme is “Reaching the World.”  Worldwide missions is God’s command to each local church, and we want to be a part of helping churches fulfill that Great Commission. Missions students take specialized missions electives every semester—taught by veteran missionaries with a love for God and a heart for souls. Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a missionary? How do missionaries know where God wants them to go? How does a missionary prepare to go to the field? The missions program at Heartland is designed to help you identify where God would have you to serve and to prepare you to minister to people regardless of their cultural background. The instructors in the missions program have many years

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Student Stories – Chris Ferguson [VIDEO]

Enjoy this “Student Story” video about Chris Ferguson. The “Student Stories” section of HBBC’s new website will highlight the testimonies of students who have attended Heartland.

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2017 College Days Recap [VIDEO]

The Lord blessed College Days 2017 in a great way! A total of 480 people from 74 different churches attended, which is a significant increase from last year. Enjoy the recap video.

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Encouraging content for ministry leaders provided by the Heartland/Pacific Coast Alumni Association!

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