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A Good Kind of Busy [ARTICLE – Steven Jones]

College was a very busy time in my life. In fact, being a newlywed college student, I thought life was never going to be busier than it was while I was in Oklahoma City. I was wrong! The men of God we learned under at Heartland Baptist Bible College tried to warn us, but I didn’t listen. They tried to tell us, “Ministry life is far busier than Bible college.” Yet, I doubted them. I figured that being married, having ministries at church, working a full-time job, and being a full-time student meant that I was in the busiest time of my life. Perhaps you felt the same way. Maybe, if you’re a current student, you still think that way today. I have only been in the ministry for one year, and, in this first year, God has made sure to show me how wrong I was about busyness in

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Moving Into the Light at the End of the Tunnel [ARTICLE – Shelby Pritchard]

Moving Into the Light at the End of the Tunnel [ARTICLE - Shelby Pritchard]

An Encouragement to Fellow Young Ministers Transitioning from College to Ministry What began as a tiny pin-point of contrast in the distance soon shone brighter and brighter as it rushed my way. The light from the end of the tunnel was at once both strange and spell-binding. At last the the light blinded the darkness, and something was placed in my hand. A pat on the back, some cursory words, and the light suddenly ceased. I look up. There is a steady hum. That is the old, familiar ceiling fan with the camo-colored blades. Light pours out from the two working bulbs as it almost always has. I blink. I am home. Everything looks just the same as four long years before…except, it isn’t. Four years ago, I had entered the tunnel of college with a naivete and ignorance that are now gone. The journey had come full circle. I

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A Tale of Two Heartland Experiences [ARTICLE – Will Berry]

How Heartland Changed My Life When I first came to Heartland in 2011, I had some rough edges. I had been born again as a 16-year-old in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, just a couple of years before. As a teenager, I was not the most terrible kid who had ever existed, but I had been surrounded by bad influences my whole life. The Lord must have really gifted my youth pastor with special grace and patience because he had his hands full with me. But after being able to go to youth camp for two years in a row, the Lord really broke my heart about serving Him, and I surrendered to the call to preach. So, when I came to Heartland, I genuinely loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him but was still working out some rebellion, apparently. My first year-and-a-half of school, I received close to

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Student Stories – Chris Ferguson [VIDEO]

Enjoy this “Student Story” video about Chris Ferguson. The “Student Stories” section of HBBC’s new website will highlight the testimonies of students who have attended Heartland.

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The Intern Life [ARTICLE – Joe Monds]

Summer Internships 101. My tendency is to think that somewhere, someone who sounds an awful lot like a used car salesman makes it his business to send an annual advertisement to every pastor in the country. I like to think that advertisement goes something like this, “Hey preacher! Are there some dirty jobs coming up that you don’t want to do? Are there some strenuous projects on your agenda this summer? Is there a time-consuming, mindless task that you’ve been putting off? Well then… I have the solution for you! Hire a summer intern!” While I have yet to see such a video, I am almost certain it exists and receives wide distribution.         When I initially thought about contributing to The Heartland CONNECT, I thought, “I don’t have a vast amount of experience or expertise in anything.” However, as I began to ponder this, I realized that I do in fact

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“Why I Can’t Wait To Get Into Ministry” – Quotes From 2016 Graduates [STUDENT TESTIMONIES]

"Why I Can't Wait To Get Into Ministry" - Quotes From 2016 Graduates [STUDENT TESTIMONIES]

As graduation approaches this week, you can sense the excitement in the student body about what is ahead.  We asked the 2016 graduates about their future ministry plans and what made them excited about beginning them.  The comments below are a few of their responses.  Feel free to read as many as you like; their excitement and God’s providence will be an encouragement to you.   Aaron Martin From: Harvest Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas To: Lighthouse Baptist Church, Harvest, Alabama “I cannot wait to add names and faces to the prayers I have been praying the last four years.”   Jereme Kesterson From: Penrose Baptist Church, Penrose, Colorado To: Rose Hill Baptist Church, DeQueen, Arkansas “I am excited to co-labor with men that love the Lord and desire to see souls saved and lives changed. Only the Lord could take a Coloradoan, a Texan, and an Oklahoman (in Arkansas)

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Encouraging content for ministry leaders provided by the Heartland/Pacific Coast Alumni Association!

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