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Just Follow Me [SERMON – Sam Davison]

Text: John 21:15-23 Date: Heartland Baptist Bible College Chapel Service, October 26th, 2017 The staff, faculty, and student body were so excited to have Bro. Sam recover from recent surgery to the point that he was able to preach in chapel again.  In the message, Bro. Sam touched on the 2017-2018 school theme, which is simply the word “Forward.” Here is a quote from this challenging sermon: “The way forward is to get in your place and follow Jesus Christ. There is no going forward in your life as a believer unless you are in your proper place to follow Jesus Christ. ‘Follow me.’”    

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When God Writes Our Résumé – 1 Samuel 16 [SERMON – Matt Martinez]

David received some tremendous opportunities. What we sometimes lose sight of is the long hours of preparation that preceded those opportunities. Many seek great opportunities while doing their best to avoid the preparation process. The ability to seize an opportunity to serve God tomorrow, depends on our submission to God’s providence and discipline today.  

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The Untouchable Purpose [SERMON – Joe Decker, Jr.]

Pastor Joe Decker of South Campbell Avenue Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, is always a favorite preacher around Heartland Baptist Bible College. This sermon from Philippians was preached on a Wednesday night (Nov. 30, 2016), and is an exposition of how Paul WITH joy encourages the church to HAVE joy.  

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Philippines Missions Trip Interview [AUDIO – Keith Hainline & Ben Tovar]

Bro. Keith Hainline, Missions Chairman at Heartland Baptist Bible College, was recently able to take Heartland students to the Philippines for a missions trip. This interview chronicles the experiences they gained and lessons they learned. Enjoy listening in as Ben Tovar and Bro. Hainline discuss their trip…

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How To Keep On Keeping On [SERMON – Jack Thompson]

Bro. Jack Thompson served as a pastor and preacher for more than 65 years before going home to be with the Lord.  On July 12, 2015–at 92 years of age–he preached this powerful message at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, about “how to keep on for the Lord.”  You will definitely appreciate the wisdom and humor that permeates the message.  

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Music and Worship in Today’s Churches [SESSION – Floyd Schexnayder]

On April 28, 1993, Bro. Floyd Schexnayder taught a Wednesday night session on music that explains the foundation and the heart behind music and worship in church services. This is an overview look at several mentions of music throughout the Bible.  We preserved the humorous and personal opening to this helpful, biblical presentation on church music. Bro. Floyd was the music director at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the Music Chairman of Heartland Baptist Bible College until 2008. The Music Building at HBBC is dedicated as a memorial to Bro. Floyd’s heart and passion for music.

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Go Where Teens Are [SESSION AUDIO – Park Sutton]

Pastor Park Sutton encouraged scores of youth leaders to go where teens are. His session from the 2016 YouthCon in OKC focused on encouraging all youth workers to invest in young people by getting out of their own comfort zone and reaching teens in the areas outside of the church walls.  

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Is Jesus Enough? [SERMON – Josh Merrell]

This message was preached by Pastor Josh Merrell at the opening night of the 2nd annual “Live Boldly Singles Conference” at Southside Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas. The conference is intended to encourage single adults to “live boldly” for Christ.  

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Micro Nimrods [SERMON – Sam Davison]

The Heartland Alumni have added a bonus gift for all association members: a FULL sermon audio archive of the book of Genesis from both Pastor Jason Gaddis and Bro. Sam Davison. The “Micro Nimrods” sermon from Bro. Sam is highlighted below.      

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Hermeneutics of Application [MRI SESSION – John Waterloo]

Pastor John Waterloo, Heartland professor of Hermeneutics, instructs preachers from Nehemiah 8 on how a preacher might first preach the text and then give the sense of it to the hearer. After the preacher finds God’s interpretation, his job is to make it applicable to people’s everyday lives.

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