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Time For A Family Adventure [ARTICLE – Rick Williams]

Welcome to summer! If the calendar hasn’t signaled you that summer is here, the temperatures certainly have! Summertime means lemonade and tire swings, and, in ministry, it usually also means vacation Bible school and camp. In fact, ministry life in summer is often a blended smoothie of down time, prep time, and crazy time. For our family, summer means it’s also time for a family adventure. Because God has blessed us with 6 children who are 8 years old and younger (with another child on the way), you may think that a trip to the grocery store is an adventure for us—and you would be right! But that’s not nearly daring enough. Through God’s provision and safety, we just returned from a memorable, 9-day camping trip in North Dakota and South Dakota. We visited Badlands National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, and Wind Cave National Park

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How to Defuse Conflict and Make Your Marriage Even Better [ARTICLE – Daniel Fleet]

By Daniel Fleet Preaching and teaching on marriage is rewarding work, but it is also risky. Many times I have spoken on the subject of marriage only to look down on the front row at my beautiful wife and think to myself, “Am I living what I am preaching? Does she think I’m duplicitous? Do I treat her the way I am challenging these men to treat their wives?” As preachers and teachers of God’s Word, our marriages are to be an example to the flock, but even the best of marriages experience conflict. In 1 Samuel we read that David and Michal fell in love at a young age and were married. Difficult circumstances befell them, and David made poor choices. In the end, David and Michal reached a point where they could not stand to be near each other. One narrative puts it this way: “And it came

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Picked Up, Carried Through, Set Down On The Other Side [TESTIMONY – Ben & Becca Logue]

Article by Ben Logue. Audio testimony (below) by Becca Logue. “God seemed to pick the disciples up, carry them through, and set them down on the other side of the storm.” This was the basic message Pastor Dan Preston preached from John 6:16-21 on Thursday morning, April 1, 2010.  As I sat there in the chapel service that morning, God seemed to use the message to tell me clearly that my wife and I were about to embark on a difficult journey with our son, Philip, but that through it all He would be with us and bring us safely through to the other side. We were new parents of a 3 ½-month-old baby boy. I was working on staff at Heartland as the Dean of Men, and we loved our involvement in many ministries at Southwest Baptist Church. Nothing could have been going better in our lives. However, unknown to anyone

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How to Bless Your Child With the Gift of Thankfulness [ARTICLE – Andrew Linder]

Simple reminders for developing a lifelong attitude of gratitude Have you ever encountered this scenario in your home? Your kids go into the kitchen for a snack. They open up the cupboards, move around all the boxes, bags, and cans of food trying to find something to eat, and then make this amazing declaration: “There ain’t nothing to eat in this house!” Oh, my… how I wish I could say that’s never happened in our house before! November is considered “Thanksgiving” month, but we all know that thanksgiving is not something to be limited to one month out of the year. A heart of thankfulness is something that needs to be present all year round in our families and our homes. But is it? How do we cultivate a lifestyle of thankfulness that lasts all year round and ultimately becomes a part of the fabric of our children’s character for life? Here

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Fulfilling the Great Commission As a Stay-At-Home Mom [ARTICLE – Grace Lande]

I have no coworkers; I don’t clock in. I’m a stay-at-home mom–and I love it! My husband, John, and I have four children: ages 1, 2, 4, and 5. Our boys–Uriah, Luke, Jared, and Thomas–are a part of almost everything I do. They help me with laundry, cleaning, dishes, food prep, grocery shopping, we do school together, and the list goes on! As Christians, we know the primary purpose of our lives is to be involved in the propagation of the gospel. How might this be accomplished, though, with little ones around you 24/7? At our church, I feel spoiled to get to be involved in the weekly organized visitation times while nursery is provided. Evangelism should be a way of life, though, not just a weekly calendar event. As a minister’s wife and mother of little ones, there are times I feel my involvement in world evangelism is so

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“I’m So Busy!” Sound Familiar? [ARTICLE – Jamie Rench]

By Jamie Rench Finally, all your ducks are in a row…or so you think.  The house is picked up, supper is in the oven, and all your outfits are ready for church tomorrow.  You sit down for a nice cup of coffee.  First sip, and your phone rings.  Your friend is crying on the other end and needs some help through a really difficult situation.  Your two older children enter the room fighting loudly about something unimportant. The baby wakes up and starts screaming, and when you go to get her, you spill coffee all over the rug.  You get a text from your husband saying he’s coming home later than expected…and by the way, the new couple in church is coming for lunch tomorrow afternoon.  Amidst all the busyness, you totally forget the oven, and the supper choices are now a black brick or Little Caesar’s Hot ‘n Ready.

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The Family Man Staff Guy [ARTICLE – Jonathan Welch]

We’ve all seen it, right? We’ve all seen the pastor or staff guy at a church that drug his children anywhere and everywhere for the purposes of ministry. You saw the looks on their faces. They were less than pleased to be there. They were not enjoying life one bit. At one time, that was one of my greatest fears regarding having kids in ministry. I did not want to be that dad who had kids who despised him because they were forced to go and forced to do. But then I faced the truth that my children need to be involved. They need to be in church, they need to go door-knocking, they need to be at church functions, and they need to grow in their walk with God. I was uncertain of how to accomplish a line-up of kids that were beaming with smiles on their way to

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