As For God, His Way Is Perfect [ARTICLE – Kristen King]

The majority of us have created a picture in our minds of how life should play out. I read a quote that really stuck out to me, although I don’t know who wrote it. It said, “Along the very noble path of attempting to explain God and His ways, we tend to domesticate His awesomeness and attempt to create Him in our image.” This usually works fairly well for us until God actually works and we see that it was nothing like what we imagined!

Growing up in the home of a church planter/church re-starter, I grew an intense love for the ministry. I remember thinking that there could be nothing better than to be a pastor’s wife, and assumed I would go off to Bible college, meet a really sharp preacher guy, get married, and the rest would be history. I mean, that’s how it works, right? So, I went to college, graduated college, worked on staff at a church for almost 4 years, served in a church restart for 4 years, and am now making a move to serve in a new church restart. I’m getting close to 10 years out of college and here I am – not a pastor’s wife.

What happened? Did I not have biblical desires? Did I have unrealistic expectations? Did God fail me? Did He love others more than me? Absolutely not! Here’s where my life took a turn in a completely unpredictable, yet perfect way.

Predictable: Get Married.
Unpredictably Perfect: I am not married, yet I feel entirely fulfilled in life and could not imagine being any happier! (Side note: If you’re single, don’t waste your days wishing you could be married! Go live the life God intended for you, and make the most of it. It’s amazing how much joy you can find when you’re actively looking for it. It’s equally amazing to realize God created you complete in Him alone.)

Predictable: Have children.
Unpredictably Perfect: I don’t have my own children, but I had the incredible privilege of becoming a foster mom. This allowed me the experience of picking up a 1-day-old baby girl from the hospital and loving and raising her as my own for 8 months until she was adopted. Here we are, 5 years later, and I still get to have an active role in her life and enjoy a wonderful relationship with her family. This was a small investment that is returning more than I ever dreamed possible!

Predictable: Be in ministry.
Unpredictably Perfect: While I’m not a pastor’s wife, I get to be involved in coordinating the nursery, being the church pianist, working with the music program, teaching teen girls, handling office work, planning events, decorating, coordinating cleaning, and many other things.

Predictable: Be involved in church planting.  
Unpredictably Perfect: Not only am I living the dream by serving in a church restart, but also, through the business God has allowed me to start and run for 4 years now, I have the opportunity every day to play a small part in church plants (and established churches) all across the country and in 14 foreign countries. Talk about “beyond my wildest dreams!”

There are numerous other examples, but my point is this: I can dream up some pretty great things that I think God should and will do in my life, and none of them are bad things! In fact, most of them line up with things God Himself would want for me. But, while God is predictable (faithful) in His promises to us as Christians, He is completely unpredictable in the ways He brings them to pass–yet perfect. For every desire God has placed in my heart, He has fulfilled it in the most unconventional and extraordinary way.

I know we’ve all heard it a million times, but my encouragement to anyone reading this short article would be to let the Lord direct your steps (and your stops! because waiting is never wasted time.), empty your heart of your own desires allowing God room to work, and then sit back and watch. Watch Him far surpass anything you could ever dream. When I think about where I am today, I can’t help but laugh and be amazed. No, not because my life is so glamorous; it probably wouldn’t be to anyone else. And no, not because life has been so easy; it hasn’t been. But to me, being able to spend my life in a God-given satisfaction and contentment means living a joyful, abundant Christian life. From the depths of my heart, I can truly say, “As for MY God, His way is perfect.”

I’ll let you know what He does over the next 10 years!


Kristen King is a 2008 graduate of Heartland Baptist Bible College. She currently serves at Liberty Baptist Church in Pittsburg, KS, where her parents, Richard and Jan King, are restarting the ministry. Kristen started her own graphic design company, Graphique Motif LLC, in 2013, and counts it a privilege to design for churches all across the world. When not working, she enjoys traveling with friends.

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  1. What a GREAT testimony of how God works in each individual’s life to reveal HIS AMAZING GRACE!! Sounds like your “Adventure” is an amazing one for sure!! Thank you for sharing!! God bless you as you continue to faithfully serve HIM!! Love & hugs, Marge Field

  2. I am 34 (2005 HBBC grad) and still single. I can’t agree with you more. There are many things I’ve been able to do that I would not have had the privilege to do as a married woman. It pains me to see girls desperate for marriage end up in the wrong relationship or even just waste time while waiting. I am actually currently striving to write a book on this very subject. Thank you for your uplifting thoughts!

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