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Oh, That Men Would Praise the Lord! [ARTICLE – Aaron Mast]

Oh, That Men Would Praise the Lord! [ARTICLE - Aaron Mast]

Psalm 107 is a wonderful song of thanksgiving. In it, the Psalmist recounts many reasons we all have to praise the Lord. What becomes a repeated refrain appears for the first time in verse 8: “Oh, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” It is most reasonable to expect that those who have experienced His goodness would express gratitude by giving praise in return. In 2001, I began my ministry training at Heartland Baptist Bible College. What began that fall was, what I would realize much later, the re-shaping of my vision for the congregational song service. Watching God’s people gather and lift up their voices with sincerity and heart, being led by one who himself was stirred by God, would forever change my view of what we were there to do. Now, all these years later, we

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Why Should We Read The Bible? [ARTICLE – Ryan Rench]

Why Should We Read The Bible? [ARTICLE - Ryan Rench]

WHY SHOULD WE READ THE BIBLE? Not only is reading and studying the Bible a GOOD idea, it’s GOD’S idea. If you can read the Scripture with an open heart, God will reveal SO much to you, including Himself, His will, His Son, His goodness, and so much more. Reading the Bible should not be approached as something you MUST do, but as something you’re privileged to do. Think of false religions. They serve gods that they don’t even know—gods that are fickle, feeble, or selfish. Worshipers are never quite sure how they can appease their gods, so they offer a sacrifice and hope it is enough. When the weather changes, for example, they don’t know why, and it causes fear. Why? Because they do not know their gods. But our God—THE God—has revealed Himself to us through His Word. Some object, “But what about other religious books?” Their books

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Launch Out Into The Deep [Sermon – Matt Farinella]

Launch Out Into The Deep [Sermon - Matt Farinella]

Church planter Matt Farinella preached this sermon at the Wednesday night service of the 2018 Heartland National Church Planting Conference, which was held at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Be prepared to be encouraged and challenged to “launch out” into God’s plan for you.   Pastor Matt Farinella accepted Christ as his personal Savior in the winter of 1985. On October 9th of 1994, he felt the call of God upon his  life to preach the gospel and surrendered his life to serve the Lord. From there  he pursued his calling to Oklahoma City in 1999 where he attended Heartland  Baptist Bible College. He graduated with honors in 2003 receiving his Bachelors  in Theology, majoring in missions. It was there that he met his future wife,  Alyssa.  After they graduated, they married and moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, to  train under the ministry of Pastor Wayne Hardy at Bible

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Presenting the Gospel Message: Learning Graphic Design [ARTICLE – Mike Collins]

Presenting the Gospel Message: Learning Graphic Design [ARTICLE - Mike Collins]

There’s nothing worse than having a great message that gets ignored.  I’m a fan of eating at local restaurants, and I often come across fantastic food joints that I only found by searching the web or through curiosity.  I’ve wondered many times, after finishing a delicious meal, how come more people don’t know about this?  It’s a shame when a restaurant offers a great product that is worth purchasing, but fails to attract a customer base. Unfortunately, the greatest message in the world, the Gospel, is often being ignored because little is done to make it stand out.  As a millennial who grew up in church, I realized early on that Gospel presentations were often little more than text-filled tracts with a clipart cross! To be fair, a professional church invitation doesn’t add any power to the Gospel, but it does help get the Gospel to more people.  In a

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AAAH! Where Do I Start? – Ladies Biblical Counseling [ARTICLE – Vickie Jett]

(Editor’s Note: In this article, Mrs. Vickie Jett provides valuable counseling guidance to ladies who are called upon and needed to counsel other ladies.) People are hurting all around us and seeking for help and answers!  While we may feel intimidated or distracted by the world’s philosophy and claims that hurting people need an “expert,”  biblical counseling is a ministry of the local church.   The purpose of biblical counseling is simply intensive discipleship with the goal of getting a person to love God and love His Word.    We may be tempted to forget that the answer to life’s problems is simply truth, which is the Holy Bible!  II Timothy 3:16 breaks the process down clearly, as it tells us that God’s Word is profitable for doctrine (truth), reproof (what’s wrong), correction (what’s right),  and instruction in righteousness (how to do it)! Godly men in the church hold the position of

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God Offers Peace, But We Get In The Way [ARTICLE – Garrett McNew]

“Get a life.” This is one of my favorite playful insults to direct at any given teenager in our youth group.  The interpretation of the insult (should it need to be explained) is to say, “Your life is of very little value.  It is pointless because it is boring and inconsequential.  In your current status, you amount to nothing.”  (The insult sounds much worse when it is explained… I may owe some people an apology…)  The insult does not denote that the recipient is dead.  “You are dead; get a life.”  Rather, the insult insinuates that, while the recipient of the insult is alive, they are not truly living.  They are missing out on “the good life.” With my extensive description (maybe I should get a life…) of a three-word sophomoric put-down in mind, I ask this question: Can you have life apart from peace?  You can certainly live a

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Knowing Your Sound System [2016 MMRI VIDEO – Jude Buffington]

This session is designed to help equip you with a working knowledge of sound equipment. From the prelude to the postlude, your sound system touches all aspects of the service. Having a limited understanding about one of the most integral components of a church service can be very stressful…

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What You Value You Will Keep [SERMON – Jonathan Burgett]

Jonathan (’06) and Tabitha (’04) Burgett are deputation missionaries to Japan who are sent from Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. 
Bro. Jonathan preached this message from Deuteronomy 4 during the Sunday evening service at Southwest Baptist Church on December 31, 2017.

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Church Planting Tips From Someone Who Is Still Learning… [ARTICLE – JJ Lusk]

I have not arrived. In fact, I told my wife just the other night that I’m not a good husband, I’m not a good dad, I’m not good at planting churches…and here I am trying to do all three! So, before you can ask, “What does he know?” Let me go ahead and answer… Not very much. I do believe, though, that three years of trying to plant Forest Hills Baptist Church in Rockville, Maryland, has taught me a few things that others might find helpful. The following list of lessons is not exhaustive, and it is both somewhat practical and somewhat philosophical.   Be real. I don’t think I need to expound upon this much, but don’t “fake it until you make it.” You may be a church planter or a pastor, but you are Jesus’ disciple, and, as such, you are a pupil. He’s the only one with

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